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Wedding DJ for the Colorado Springs area..!

If you are looking for a Wedding DJ for the Colorado area, DJ Ron has over 25 years experience and has dj’d hundreds of Weddings. DJ Ron will meet with prospective clients and help to establish a DJ ‘timeline’ in order to keep this aspect of your wedding seemless and smooth as can be.   A timeline that isn’t rushed, yet not dragging it’s feet making your guests feel as though they are waiting for something to happen.  By having these things in place and performed well, your guests will feel entertained without the need of a DJ being overt and taking the focus off of the bride and the groom.  While some may want an overt personality, leading people through dances and making a lot of jokes over the microphone, storytellers and so DJ Ron’s experience and personal style is to shy away from such things and to keep the focus on the bride and the groom and their guests from start to finish.

Please send an email to DJ Ron at: