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Acid Jazz Mix

Hip Hop 2 Mix

French Connect Mix

Jazz Comp Mix

Flashback Mix side a(Mixed by DJ Ron Perry 22 years ago)

flashback mix side b

Hip Hop Mix

Reggae Rhythms Mix

Latin Night Mix

down with lounge

groove comp

  1. Nice job Ron. Thanks

  2. You have come along way since Treasure Island, Ca. What is Acid Jazz as it relates to modern jazz period? What we use to listen I hear no difference but I so retro!!!!!

    • Thanks, I am always trying to move forward and do different and more! Acid Jazz how it relates to today, a lot of it is international artist and most of it is non commercial. Think back in the old days jazz was jazz no real jazz radio stations and not commercialized. That is the difference.

  3. thank you so much🐧 I am really grateful for you🎵

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